The 6-Step Process

Successful financial planning has never been easy — and in today’s volatile marketplace, it’s more challenging than ever. Many people do not have the time or the expertise to make sound investment choices or continually monitor the performance of those choices.

Katz Financial comprehensively manages client assets in individual portfolios, corporate and individual retirement accounts, and endowment and trust accounts.

And as an independent firm, we care about the growth and protection of your assets. We do not use or have proprietary products, so every recommendation that we make has your best interest in mind.

How We Work

  1. Discovery Phase – Determine investment objectives. It all begins here with your personal goals and needs.
  2. Analytical Phase – Cash flow analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation. What is the probability of achieving the desired outcome? Is the current portfolio too aggressive or conservative to meet the stated goal?
  3. Investment Strategy Phase – Creation of investment guidelines. This includes asset allocation strategies that state the acceptable risk and return expectations, as well as the specific investment categories that will be considered. Use of tactical allocation. This includes the timely adjustment of asset allocation models in order to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace as market conditions evolve.
  4. Portfolio Design Phase – Selection of investment vehicles for each component of the portfolio. As we understand your goals and needs, we employ a selective screening process that incorporates mainstream and time-tested analytical methods. We screen all investment products to make sure they are an appropriate strategic fit for the portfolio.
  5. Monitor, Review & Reassess – Constant review of the investment vehicles owned and regular re-balancing of asset classes. Securities are followed for continued adherence to screening criteria and for new developments. We consider re-balancing the allocation to the original model on an annual basis to help achieve more uniform reward and risk expectations.
  6. Regular Contact – This crucial phase of the process is something Katz Financial takes very seriously. The equity markets can be a very confusing and scary place. Whether it is an email with a timely article or report or a phone call to summarize recent developments, Andrew believes it is very important to keep clients informed and educated.

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